Establish, Expand, Enhance, Engage

Meaningful email marketing should be at the service of your company goals and strategy instead of sending emails for the sake of sending emails, with little results. At Prove, we’ve designed our “establish, expand, enhance, engage” framework that evolves our clients from simple newsletter senders into sophisticated marketers, drastically increasing performance.

Our specialists work from business cases and objectives to build right-sized but scalable marketing automation systems that deliver effective, personalized messaging to your contacts with full-circle reporting and insights.

Basically, we live at the intersection of sales and marketing, improving the entire customer acquisition funnel, from discovery to close, through automation.

Where do you need help?

Marketing Automation is for everyone

We help our clients define their needs and find the best platform for them.

We are “platform agnostic”: we believe the best platform to support a business is the one that has just the right amount of features to match the industry and company requirements.

All platforms are not designed the same. In addition to features and price differences, each platform has its own unique data structure, email drip processes, and varying multi-channel approaches. We understand these nuances across platforms so we can help you choose and implement the right platform.

Unleash campaigns that truly impact your business

Email has the potential to be your highest converting marketing channel, but only if you’re ready to get all-in. Leveraging dynamic content, for example, versus developing and managing multiple versions of the same template, helps personalize messaging while minimizing cost.

From lead acquisition via custom landing page, lead nurturing campaigns, customer re-engagement strategies to complex lead scoring algorithms and user segmentation; we define the drips and strategy that will increase your results at each and every step of your conversion path.

Meet our certified team

Our marketing automation team is composed of marketing strategists and dedicated specialists for each platform on the market.

Our team members are all certified in at least one marketing automation platform, including:

  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget, Pardot)
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaigner
  • MailChimp
  • Many more

Based on your needs and selected platform, we have the right team for you.

Create world-class marketing campaigns though automation

Speak with an expert today on how marketing automation can help you achieve your company goals.

DDF Email Optimization

Optimized email campaigns with A/B testing, increasing revenue 600%.

Medtronic Conversion Path Optimization

Analyzed sign up form results, integrated Salesforce and Marketo to streamline sales and marketing, and enabled more flexible delivery of lead nurturing emails.

StaffMeUp Email Segmentation

Using subscriber behavior data in StaffMeUp’s email platform and Google Analytics, we were able to create a segment with custom messaging to a lesser-engaged group that encouraged them to take the action of the more engaged group, resulting in lower subscription attrition.