From Analytics Solution Design to Data-Driven Insights

Our unique data-first approach allows us to turn your website clicks into customers and revenue. We improve on the traditional agency model by leading with data – not creative – from your customers, your competitors, and the audiences who are interested in your product or services.

Although we're philosophically "platform agnostic" we are certified partners in many of the most popular tools, including Google Premier Partner status, Unbounce Agency Partner status, and over a dozen Google Analytics Certified team members.

How Can We Help?

Website Optimization

You've invested in a website, now make sure you're getting the highest performance from it. Our website analytics deep dives and ongoing optimization techniques work to improve your conversion rate, whether you're using your site for lead generation or ecommerce. 

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Multivariate and A/B testing
  • Website "Deep Dive" performance analysis & recommendations

Analytics Set Up & Technology

We all know the value of data, but how it's collected and stored has a tremendous impact on its true usefulness. At Prove we evaluate your business-driving KPIs and your technical infrastructure to come up with a strategic mix of analytics platforms and analytics tagging plan. 

From technical specifications to implementation, we have all your analytics tech covered and go above and beyond the off-the-shelf offerings.

  • Web and mobile app analytics configuration
  • Google Analytics set up & customization
  • Adobe Analytics configuration
  • Tag management (Google Tag Manager, Tealium, etc.) implementation
  • Heatmapping tools
  • Media tags, DSPs, etc. strategy and implementation
  • Lead capture and CRM integration
  • Ecommerce optimization

Analytics Dashboards, Reporting, & Insights

At Prove, data-driven decisions are so important to us that our entire team is Google Analytics certified. Once we understand what KPIs are driving your business, we can build dashboards that allow you to see real-time performance at a glance. We also develop in-depth reports that pull actionable insights from the data so that improvements and tests can be implemented quickly.

  • Analytics audits
  • Website and app analytics deep dive reports
  • Media performance reporting and optimization
  • Digital analytics dashboard creation
  • Conversion rate optimization

App Analytics & Performance Management

Increasingly brands rely on mobile apps to connect their customers and prospects with highly personalized experiences. Prove's expertise in mobile app analytics gives app developers and startup executives the critical segmented data they need to make rapid product evolution decisions. 

FREE Analytics Review for New Clients

For a limited time, Prove will review your website's analytics implementation for free.

Kate Sommerville Optimization

Tested and optimized different user paths to improve conversion rate and average order value on DRTV microsite.

Retro Fitness Analytics Tech Stack

Integrated third-party conversion data to generate holistic analytics insights.

Monoprice Analytics Deep Dive

Performed a deep dive analysis of the Monoprice website to find revenue growth opportunities.