Where We Do Our Work

  • Programmatic
  • Private Exchange Market
  • Streaming Audio (Pandora, Spotify)
  • Streaming Video (YouTube, Hulu, Amazon)
  • Native
  • In-App
  • Paid Social
  • Connected VOD
  • Digital Out Of Home

What do you need help with?

Want to Run Successful Digital Media Campaigns?

Digital media is the key to your next phase of growth. 

We operate with low minimum media spend and can get started right away. 

Today’s technology allows marketers to leverage AI and machine learning for campaigns that can really move the needle for your business.

Need Better Performing Digital Media Campaigns?

You know that revenue-driving digital media campaigns are key to growing your company but current performance has yet to move the needle for your business. 

We have years of experience finding the broken parts of digital media efforts and turning campaigns around. Let us audit your campaigns, build on the knowledge you’ve gained, and run high-performing digital media campaigns that bring real results for your business.

Need Best-In-Class Digital Media Campaign Management?

We get lots of clients who haven’t been happy with their old agencies. The most common problems are poor communication, lack of new ideas, and poor results. You need best-in-class digital experts running your digital media campaigns that bring high-level strategic thinking and flawless execution. 

At Prove we pride ourselves at staying on the cutting edge and delivering innovative campaigns with proactive management.

The 8 Things Preventing You From Digital Media Success

  1. You think you can’t afford it.
  2. You think you can’t measure it.
  3. Creative that isn’t relevant to the target audience.
  4. Bad media targeting.
  5. Showing people the same creative across all their devices.
  6. Asking people to take the wrong action.
  7. Non-converting landing page.
  8. Wrong expectations.

We’ve dealt with all of these obstacles before and we know how to get your business over the hump.

Arctic Cat Multi-Channel National Sales Event

Using digital media as part of a multichannel approach, we drove users to engage with the Arctic Cat national sales event. Increased sales by 6% YoY, when industry growth was just 2%.

Samuels Jewelers Segmented Campaigns Boost Holiday Sales

Samuels Jewelers was looking to drive in-store and ecommerce sales across 100 locations and 5 brands without cannibalizing themselves. We built highly segmented campaigns to deliver the right message to the right people at the right moment.

Providence California Media Plan Unification

Providence California’s digital media campaigns were very fragmented, didn’t allow for proper optimization, and were not performing. By unifying the campaigns so that display and paid search worked in tandem we improved conversion rate by 4000% with a reduction in cost per conversion.