How Do People Choose

Why Do People Need A New Financial Institution?

The most common reasons are:

  • Relocation. People move away from their local branch.
  • Dissatisfied. Usually several negative experiences lead to a “straw that broke the camel’s back” scenario making someone receptive to switching.
  • Life Stage / Event.

How do we know that someone is ready to be a good prospect for financial institutions? Data. We are able to gather data that will that tells us about their thinking and life events.

Digital Knows

With today’s digital environment we have a wealth of data to use in targeting. We know what people are searching for, which web sites they’re visiting, with location tracking we know where they are going in the real world, their demographic profile, and key financial information like FICO score. With digital we can leverage data to track the events and even what people are thinking we are able to reach people with the right message at the right moment, driving qualified leads, profitable customers, and sustained growth for businesses.

Our Services

Businesses with branches in the community need to maximize their local presence with a multi-channel digital strategy. 

Here's a few places to start:

  • Closed loop mobile display media
  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business Setup and Optimization

Growing Market Share

You need to be in digital to protect against competitors who are. You can leverage local SEO and dominate the Google “local pack” which dominates the entire first page of search results.

Developing Trust in the Digital World

As a financial institution it’s critical to establish trust with your customers.

  • Video testimonials
  • Social media
  • Stories of the brand values

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Credit Associates SEO Strategy

Developed and implemented SEO strategy to drive sales-qualified leads for debt relief agency.

Poli Mortgage Digital Lead Generation

Updated media program and messaging strategy leading to a 43% increase in monthly digital lead generation and decreased the cost of traffic by 35%.

Fidelity Life Digital Lead Generation

Developed high performance multichannel media program to reduce dependence on lead purchasing.