How Do People Choose

Why Do People Need A New Financial Institution?

The most common reasons are:

  • Relocation. People move away from their local branch.
  • Dissatisfied. Usually several negative experiences lead to a “straw that broke the camel’s back” scenario making someone receptive to switching.
  • Life Stage / Event.

How do we know that someone is ready to be a good prospect for financial institutions? Data. We are able to gather data that will that tells us about their thinking and life events.

The Personalized Brand

Brands today need to be chameleons. They need to be everything to everyone. With digital we can leverage data to create relevance to people without physically being in their communities. By using creative that reflects the locality, feature local celebrities, a brand can foster intimacy and trust without face-to-face interactions.

Our Services

Businesses without branches in the community need to work to build a digital relationship. You need to connect with people when they're looking but also reach out to them before they even start thinking about looking.

Here are a few channels you can use to build relationships:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Behavioral and Contextual Display

Growing Market Share

You want to take market share from local branches. To do this, you need digital to build relationships with since you don’t have agents in the communities to build trust with people directly.

Developing Trust in the Digital World

As a financial institution it’s critical to establish trust with your customers.

  • Video testimonials
  • Social media
  • Stories of the brand values

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