What you need to know

What’s happening with Google’s Algorithm?

Google announced to the public that it released their June 2019 Core Update along with a Diversity update. The Diversity Update goal is to help diversify traffic sources and provide results from more than one domain. This update can impact sites who were monopolizing the top results with a single domain or subdomain. Read more

Prove Approach

Prove can help protect your site from being negatively affected. 

Set your site up for success and prevent your site from being hurt by shifts in the Google algorithm. Prove’s SEO experts can also help you take advantage of the system and rise the ranks of the organic search. Prove can help assess your current website for visibility and current rankings. With this information, our team can strategize and implement cutting edge optimization tactics to increase the performance of your site and quality of traffic.

  • SEO Audit
  • Analytics Review
  • Competitor Analysis

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Quixote Digital Acquisition + SEO

Implemented SEO strategies to improve keyword rankings and increase website traffic.

Credit Associates SEO Strategy

Developed and implemented SEO strategy to drive sales-qualified leads.

International Surrogacy Center On-Site SEO

Cleaned up website code for faster, seamless user experience.