Connect Your Brand With Influential People

Prove can help you navigate the ever-evolving world of online influencers. We will strategize the best influencers to partner with and ensure the content showcases with your brand in an organic way; tracking engagements and conversions every step of the campaign. While no “viral button” exists, we strive to ensure custom content that reaches the largest possible audience.

Influencer Marketing

Specialized creative can be pricey when it comes to custom content for advertising your brand. Influencers make that idea much more affordable while reaching the optimal audience at the same time. We match our brands with influencers based on data using our informative tools.

  • Multiple platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, bloggers, and beyond!
  • Link tracking for accurate measurement of campaign impact
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Reporting during and after campaigns

Affiliate Marketing

Foster a long-term partnership with influencers on a pay-per-action basis. Engage your target consumers where they're actively engaged and your product or services contextually relevant. Prove will pair your brand with an affiliate who will promote your brand or product in exchange for commission on each conversion they drive. Drive sales and reward both the customer and the influencer while doing so.

  • Campaign management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Report during and after campaign
  • Influencer discovery

Customized Microsites or Landing Pages

Often times consumers can become overwhelmed with many choices. Developing a focused microsite or landing page in partnership with influential personalities can lead consumers to the exact products you want them to buy. These sites are designed with a specific audience in mind and have a simple, straightforward call to action to drive conversions. When someone comes from that influencer we can display something on the screen. Pop up/plugin. Website will know when someone came from that influencer.

  • User experience and creative web design
  • Web development
  • Analytics configuration
  • SEO optimization

Social Media Audit

The best way to determine if your social platforms are performing to the best of their ability is through a deep dive into the front and back end of your social pages we can help determine what is working and what isn’t. In order to connect with your audience and drive more traffic, you need to have a solid strategy as a foundation. Prove can help you assess which channels give your brand the best chance to generate conversions.

  • Analytics assessment
  • Social media strategy
  • Platform and profile optimization

Find out what audiences would move the needle for your brand.

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GE Lighting Influencer Campaign

Developed an outreach methodology to entice bloggers to write about GE reveal® without paying bloggers.

FreeHand Social Media Strategy

Created and nurtured an enthusiastic community of dog lovers to generate organic buzz about new dog food.

Samuels Jewelers Digital Acquisition

Ran comprehensive campaigns across a number of social media channels for all five Samuels brands.