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Chances are, if you’ve worked with an SEO agency before (and are looking for another one), you’ve experienced some issues. Perhaps you were told you’d rank for hundreds of keywords on the first page, or it was promised that your traffic would double in just a couple months. Whatever the issue was, the service did not meet your expectations, and now you’re here. Or you’re new to SEO and are getting ready to take the plunge with an agency. Well, you’re in luck, because Prove is different! We focus on data-driven insights we gather from the in-depth analyses we perform of your business, competitors, and customers. And, our goals are not to just get you ranking and increase your traffic -- we care about quality.

How Can We Help?


The way a website is coded/developed plays a major role in search engine optimization. The role of technical SEO is to ensure that the search engine bots are able to crawl and index your website for the appropriate content it is being optimized for. Comprehensive technical updates offer several distinct benefits that directly affect online business performance, including not only better search engine indexing, but also high quality user experience and more conversions.


The old drill of researching high-search volume keywords related to your business and optimizing the heck out of them is obsolete. In the age of semantic search, high placement in the SERPs is largely a function of having the right content to match the intent that every search term implicitly carries.

Our approach to keyword prioritization and content strategy is second to none, and offers several distinct benefits including:

  • More targeted content
  • Search ranking boosts
  • Higher audience engagement
  • Better ROI


A good link development strategy is essential to any successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Modern search engines view inbound links as votes of confidence. Acquiring high quality backlinks will increase your domain authority, allowing you to compete further with your competitors in the SERPs. We specialize in the conception and deployment of strategies that help you earn natural backlinks and citations from the right kind of websites. Our team of link building experts will help you develop a strong but natural backlink profile that will power your pages to the top of search results for keywords that represent your business.

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Quixote SEO

Improved rankings for top priority keywords and increased website traffic by 50%.

International Surrogacy Center On-Site SEO

Improved search engine rankings for core keywords and boosted conversion rates

Credit Associates SEO Strategy

Developed and implemented SEO strategy to drive sales-qualified leads