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Be Proactive: Know What Your Competitors Are Doing!

Knowing what your competitors are doing in the digital space can help grow your business in many ways. Monitoring competitors’ activities allows businesses to be proactive, not reactive.

Learn To Capitalize On Competitor’s Efforts – And Keep The Audience You Earn

Competitor analysis is key to understanding threats to your business -- like competitors bidding on your paid search keywords, improving their organic search rankings (and lowering yours), running a social media campaign that infringes on your market share, and so on. Crucial to staying top of mind with your customers is making sure you’re the first option they think about, and getting ahead of your competitors is the best way to start.

The cross-functional teams at Prove leverage tools and industry knowledge to put together comprehensive summaries of what your competitors are doing, where they’re doing it, and how well it’s working.

  • Website traffic: analysis of incoming traffic sources, traffic volume, engagement and behavior
  • Website review: UX and functionality assessment, engagement features, content review, brand assessment, ecommerce review
  • Competitor search engine presence & keyword analysis: paid search activity analysis, organic pagerank comparison, brand vs. non-brand keywords, domain authority, backlink analysis
  • Online reputation assessment: Yelp and review sites, external sites, sentiment analysis
  • Social media activity, scope, and strategy assessment: summary of social media activity and strategies employed, evaluation of size and makeup of audience
  • Display media activity: creative assessment behind campaigns and creatives, approximation of media spend, summary of ad placements and targeting
  • Technology infrastructure: identification of analytics and tracking tools, content management system, hosting, ecommerce platforms, social integrations, ad serving and programmatic platforms
  • Email/marketing automation programs: platform discovery, programs/workflows, content assessment
  • Brand assessment: logo and graphic design, voice and tone, content audit
  • Conquesting strategy: be where your competitors are to start stealing market share

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Jamie Stevenson

Jamie is the architect of Prove's Business Analytics department, and she has overseen the growth of our most successful clients. Would you like to know more about our approach to business analytics? Ask us a question.

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