Business Analytics

What Does Your Sales Funnel Look Like?

Financial modeling helps to understand the “shape” of our clients’ sales funnels and their revenue, new customer, and sales mix objectives. The end result is a data-backed budget that outlines which channels and activities, and at what budget, will work together to achieve our clients’ goals - they’re our secret sauce to help right-size the acquisition effort.

Our Business Intelligence team recognizes that every industry and every business has a unique sales cycle and prospect-to-lead-to-sale time and our financial models reflect those nuances.

See This Waterfall Example for B2B

We work closely with clients to understand their business and develop each stage of their sales funnel. Our B2B clients benefit from our multi-stage waterfall model where we consider each conversion stage in our forecast for an accurate prediction of how much of what marketing will need to happen to generate target ROI. See the example below:

Business-analytics-finanial-modeling-1 Business-analytics-finanial-modeling-2 Business-analytics-finanial-modeling-3

Our financial models enable our Optimization Center of Excellence to develop hypotheses and tests around which levers can be pulled within a client’s digital ecosystem.

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