Data Analysis

Turn Clicks Into Customers

When you understand your data, you understand your customer.

The content on your website and social channels is meant to move people from being prospects to being customers, right? But if you’re not staying on top of the data your customer is giving you while visiting your sites, you’re missing out on powerful opportunities for more sales.

Our reporting and analytics team takes pride in helping you collect data and monitor your site performance so you don’t miss out on powerful opportunities.

Work with us and we’ll help you understand how the data on your site can give you insights in your target customer’s behavior, where your customers are finding you, and other key indicators. This includes making sure your analytics is up to date with all the goals you need to obtain success, automated reporting and dashboards so you can track positive growth 24/7, and an expert team with years of experience of turning analytics into optimizations that helps your business make the right decisions.

Here are some of the tools we use:

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James Dupre

James’ roots in performance-based marketing come to life here at Prove, where he works closely with each member of the Accounts team to find growth opportunities across all channels. What can in-depth analysis reveal about your customers and your business? Complete the form below to find out.

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