Data Analysis

What Good Is "Wrong" Analytics Data?


Incorrect analytics data can be the source of frustration and wasted marketing dollars. You rely on your website’s traffic data to make smart decisions, and Prove is here to make sure that you can trust what your analytics is telling you.

We follow a tested 4-step process to make sure that your website data is 100% accurate, usable, and easy to decipher.

  1. Data Accuracy
    First we confirm the accuracy of your data by ensuring correct installation of all tracking codes and pixels, and correcting any site errors that may interfere with proper data collection.

  2. Goals Setup
    What information are you trying to quantify? Choosing the right data to watch can be a challenge, so we work with your team and key stakeholders to define and create goals, events, and custom traffic channels that allow you to track the data that matters.
  3. Focus On Potential Customers Only
    Many analytics instances are clouded by data from internal team members, tech and dev (QA), and even competitors. We remove sources of analytics capture that shouldn’t be counted, such as office/home locations of employees and other agencies that frequently visit your website.
  4. Complete Visibility
    To paint a more realistic picture of previously unknown data points, we implement Google Tag Manager and Google Webmaster Tools.

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