Data Analysis

Which Channels Are Key To Your Success?


Your customers come from across the web, but we want to know specifically how they’re finding your brand and which pages on your website convince them to convert. To find the most optimally-performing sources, we perform a statistical channel analysis.

This analysis reveals which path makes customers spend more time on your website, and allows us to  optimize your media buys to maximize your profits.

How can you use this information?

  • See the complete customer path – from the first point of contact to the last click before conversion (and many actions in between)
  • Pinpoint and improve the path that leads to maximum conversion rates
  • Focus your media budget and marketing efforts – what goals are your paid efforts trying to reach? For example: do we need to build a leads list through paid search efforts, then use an email nurture program to close sales?

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James Dupre

James’ roots in performance-based marketing come to life here at Prove, where he works closely with each member of the Accounts team to find growth opportunities across all channels. What can in-depth analysis reveal about your customers and your business? Complete the form below to find out.

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