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Gone are large, complex Excel spreadsheets filled with boring numbers that you likely don’t need or care about. With our automated dashboarding systems, you’ll get just the reports you want to see, updated on the fly whenever you want to look at them.


Get instant updates to your campaign and site performance with custom built dashboards from top-level overviews to in-depth cohort analysis to see exactly how our services are helping your business grow. 

What are the key benefits of automated dashboarding solutions?

  • Prebuilt traffic dashboards save you time and money by answering the important traffic questions all in one spot
  • Combine your digital ad spend and analytics data into one spot, so you can know exactly what your net revenue is
  • See keyword level search PPC campaign data, costs, clicks and revenue without having to mess around with confusing online advertising platforms

We can also create custom reports that show you live data, whenever you want to see it, from basic traffic levels to business analytics that help you make important decisions about your products and services.

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James Dupre

James’ roots in performance-based marketing come to life here at Prove, where he works closely with each member of the Accounts team to find growth opportunities across all channels. What can in-depth analysis reveal about your customers and your business? Complete the form below to find out.

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