Data Analysis

Would You Like To Measure Your Business Performance Against Your Competitors?

This practice is 100% recommended as part of a thorough and modern marketing plan.

But how does Prove do it?

Our comprehensive suite of competitive analysis tools help identify key points where your competitors are better, where you are better, as well as industry gaps that no one has filled that we can take advantage of.  

We can also help identify partners or affiliates that will contribute to your business growth.


Competitive Intelligence allows you to see where your competitors are succeeding so that we can build off of that success. This allows more scalable campaigns, user friendly website flows, and perfect pricing strategies – which all mean that your business can grow more quickly!

What can you expect from a competitor analysis?

  • See competitor traffic data, identify trends, and draw insights that make it easier to build a successful online media campaign by learning from the successes and failures of others
  • Minimize testing budgets by capitalizing off data that your competitors already paid for
  • Dominate your niche by outplaying and outperforming your competitors with our inside look strategies

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James Dupre

James’ roots in performance-based marketing come to life here at Prove, where he works closely with each member of the Accounts team to find growth opportunities across all channels. What can in-depth analysis reveal about your customers and your business? Complete the form below to find out.

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