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Higher Revenue And Happier Customers With Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the key to our clients’ success, allowing them to achieve mass-personalization by automating repeated tasks such as email delivery and responding to actions taken on their website. This type of digital marketing endeavor can be scaled to suit both small businesses and large corporations, and can be customized to align with the company’s sales and marketing goals.

Properly executed marketing automation solutions typically include:

  • An organized and well-managed lead and customer database
  • A central workspace for managing marketing materials and assets
  • An engine for turning analytics and campaign performance data into targeted, optimized campaigns

If you’re seeking to optimize your lead pipeline by engaging with the audiences most likely to want or need your services, then Prove can help you implement the right marketing automation solution to align your marketing and sales teams, while enabling their efforts to build customer delight and brand loyalty more effectively.

We partner with industry leaders in Marketing Automation, including Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and SimplyCast, giving you the “inside track” on the technology that best suits your needs.


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Case Study: Updating Medtronic’s Marketo Instance To Deliver Higher-Quality Leads

Medtronic’s primary entry point for a web lead was their “Get Started” form. Over time, their lead generation requirements changed, yet the outdated form remained in play. Because data from that form was not properly integrated with their marketing automation system (Marketo), issues began surfacing around reporting consistency, campaign performance, and overall usability. Eventually, these discrepancies required the sales team to manually verify all leads, costing the sales team valuable time and resources.

Prove stepped in to execute an initial discovery process to listen for multiple business needs, then proposed a phased improvement plan for lead management. Coordinating with Medtronic’s digital marketing, IT, sales operations, and marketing and sales management teams, Prove implemented a process that would reduce the complexity of the form that was causing the misalignment, and migrate it into Medtronic's marketing automation and eCRM system (Salesforce) to increase accuracy, efficiency, and sales responsiveness.

Once the form was fully housed within Marketo, Medtronic gained access to relevant and consistent reporting data, all of which would be automatically synced with Salesforce. Not only did the new integration increase the company's marketing flexibility and sales efficiency, it also streamlined the customer journey and user experience, making the collected data more actionable at all phases of their lead management process.

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Rebekkah is a Marketo Certified Expert with experience in both the hands-on operation of various CMS, eCRM, and Marketing Automation tools and building operational implementation strategies that help businesses achieve maximum value from the automation solutions they choose. If you're interested in discovering how our marketing automation solutions can help your businesses achieve greater success, let's talk!

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