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The Benefits of a Content Management System

What Is a Content Management System?

Most business web sites are too large to develop page by page. 

Content Management Systems represent the evolution of the scalable web site, separating style, layout and content into separate components that can be built into easy-to-manage content templates. Businesses large and small can benefit from this technology, which enables content providers to concentrate on the content and its intended purpose — rather than on technical page design and development tasks. 


Content management systems (CMS) allow marketers to:

  • Design, build, and publish fully functional, responsive website pages, landing pages, and other content assets
  • Dynamically update, enhance, and deliver content on demand
  • Manage multiple content contributors from a single, integrated user interface
  • Track document workflow throughout the entire creation, review, approval, and production process
  • Import, manage, and incorporate photos, graphics, and other multimedia content on site pages
  • And much, much more!

Prove can help you build your strategy for CMS usage, select the best solution for your needs, and implement it within your organization. We will also work with your teams to create effective development, review, and publication workflows, making sure that all key stakeholders are well equipped to use your CMS to achieve your desired business results.


A CMS Benefits Your Entire Enterprise

A CMS allows content creators throughout your organization to create and update website pages and content without the need for IT intervention. This frees up your technicians' time and resources while enabling your marketing and sales personnel to accelerate deployment of new pages and campaigns. Think of it as back-end access without the technical burdens typically associated with web development.

Because it’s database driven, a CMS also gives marketers the ability to integrate and customize the way data from multiple sources gets pulled in and processed, making it an incredibly powerful component of your content personalization engine.


Case Study: Prove Enables an Online Electronics Retailer to Quickly Add and Update Product Landing Pages

Online electronics retailer Monoprice was running strong marketing campaigns that drove plenty of traffic to landing pages; but those pages were consistently underperforming in terms of helping the company achieve key conversion goals. The company was also struggling to build and deploy new landing pages rapidly enough to keep up with the marketing team's launch schedule.

Prove planned, built, and implemented a customized CMS that enabled Monoprice to efficiently create responsive landing pages suitable for virtually any type of marketing campaign needed (products, categories, offers, etc.).  The low-cost system streamlined their entire page content workflow, from ideation to publication to measurement and optimization.

Not only does this CMS help Monoprice successfully execute a wide range of key UX and online marketing projects that meet all its functional, social and technical expectations, it has been instrumental in helping the company increase its customer base and drive increased revenue. And all of these scalable results are getting accomplished without unnecessary delays or the need for technician involvement. 

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Rebekkah is a Marketo Certified Expert with experience both in hands-on operation of various CMS, eCRM and Marketing Automation tools and in building an operational implementation strategy for businesses looking to get the most out of their chosen automation solutions. If you're interested to know how our marketing automation solutions can help your businesses achieve success, let's talk!

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