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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical component of any organization's sales and marketing operations. Just as the name implies, CRM systems help you manage your outreach and engagements with customers, from the initial point of contact through to conversion and beyond. With the right CRM strategy in place, your company can set goals and expectations, deliver useful and timely information, automate the conversion process, and much more.

When a lead enters your marketing funnel, they typically do so with a particular goal in mind. If your company bombards them with one-size-fits-all messages that don't address their specific needs, you'll have trouble capturing their interest, let alone sustaining it as they progress towards a purchase. Yet, delivering truly personalized, one-on-one conversations can be intimidating, since they are configure and manage manually, let alone doing so in a cost-effective way.

This is why Prove recommends that our clients take advantage of the benefits of strategic eCRM, which we offer in conjunction with our trademark Acqretention process.  

eCRM uses data generated at key customer touch points to build a more robust and personalized profile of your lead's intended customer journey. Armed with this information, a CRM system can be configured to work in tandem with your marketing automation solution, enabling you to automatically deliver the right messages to the right people, across the right channels, at the optimal time to establish affinity, build trust, and drive conversions. The results are more efficient, effective, and scalable campaigns that practically run themselves, yet are still powerful enough to engage prospects, delight customers, and make a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Prove provides comprehensive strategic, technical, and business support for CRM solutions, enabling your business to make the most of every customer interaction. Whether we develop your entire program in-house or fulfill your needs with the help of our strategic partners and open source initiatives, our CRM service offerings can be custom-designed to meet the unique business needs of clients at large enterprises and SMB organizations alike.

We partner with some of the leading providers of Marketing Automation solutions — including Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, SimplyCast, and others — giving you an “inside track” on working with the technology that that will best suit your needs.


Case study: Increased Customer Engagement and LTV for Online Job-Listing Service

Paid-member retention had long been a primary challenge for entertainment industry job listing site, Staff Me Up. Survey data they collected revealed that many former customers valued their service, but did not feel they had realized the benefits they expected from a premium subscription.

After an initial assessment of user behavior, Prove determined that subscribers who had used Staff Me Up's Work Alerts feature had a higher lifetime value than those who did not. These customers were also found to be more active on the site and to remain paid members for longer periods of time, likely due to an increase in work assignments they were able to book using Work Alerts.

Through the implementation of an eCRM campaign, Prove leveraged this customer data into an email sequence designed to encourage all premium subscribers to start using the feature. Six months after campaign deployment, use of Work Alerts increased by 25%, leading to greater customer satisfaction and sustained loyalty, overall. Over time, thorough our eCRM testing and management techniques, Prove was also able to help Staff Me UP increase open rates for their campaign emails by 10%. 

Read the complete case study here

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Rebekkah is a Marketo Certified Expert with experience in both the hands-on operation of various CMS, eCRM, and Marketing Automation tools and building operational implementation strategies that help businesses achieve maximum value from the automation solutions they choose. If you're interested in discovering how our marketing automation solutions can help your business achieve greater success, let's talk!

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