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Creating Demand Generation For Your Products Or Services

The Importance Of A Good Demand Generation Strategy

A good demand generation strategy and solution can help your organization achieve the following:

  1. Learn a great deal about the habits of prospective customers
  2. Create methods for addressing these prospective customers
  3. Convert prospects to customers using innovative business rules and automation methods

It’s more than just data analytics – a demand generation strategy takes many factors into account.

A well-executed demand generation strategy will help your teams predict customer behavior, which in turn gets you in front of your prospects proactively, offering solutions before they are even aware they need them. Building a good demand-gen strategy supports ongoing alignment between marketing and sales teams, which often disagree about the most effective approach to building brand awareness driving to sales.

Prove’s Unique Demand Generation Methodology

Prove’s team includes Marketo and Eloqua Certified Experts, and we are agency partners with other marketing automation platforms, including Pardot, SimplyCast and others.

Our specialists use a methodology that begins with establishing your demand generation Strategy, developing and perfecting the Design of your campaign and components, followed by Implementation. We continuously validate our work with multiple Analytics techniques to deliver optimal results, and finally, we collaborate with you on your ongoing Governance.


  1. Strategy: a clearly defined Strategy is critical to your campaign’s business alignment and ongoing success. That means completely understanding your needs and drivers–we spend time with you and your stakeholders so you can share strategic business goals, desired outcomes, audience segments, acquisition and retention funnel strategies, and delivery/channel strategies. We combine your challenges and opportunities with our best practices and experience to craft a solution that’s unique to your business. This is the roadmap for your campaign and defines the elements and resources required for success.
  2. Design: we detail the individual campaign elements and provide editorial, design and development resources while ensuring that we maintain a holistic view across all the components of the campaign. We work to make sure each team is aware of what any revisions or changes to ensure the campaign remains consistent and aligned and preview and test components with you and test users to optimize messages, usability and design.
  3. Implementation: when it’s time to launch we work with your teams and integrate the completed components and assets with your in-house systems and external providers, and run through the campaign as planned, including knowledge transfer facilitation and initiating a program of measurements and analysis to gauge effectiveness and impact.
  4. Analytics: we assess metrics and perform analytics on the campaign, but much more, we view analytics of our ongoing work throughout the process for key feedback that allows us to ensure that it meets the strategic vision that we defined at the start of the project. This best practice of continual assessment and improvement is a critical success factor for effective campaigns.

The Campaign Is Live – Now What?

There is no substitute for post-launch Governance: the organizational structures, roles and processes by which you maintain focus on your campaign’s ongoing relevance, quality and value. We help you plan for Governance by establishing needs and identifying resources throughout every phase of our work.

Post-launch, you’ll be prepared to manage your campaign through defined metrics and results, and the data will be used to fine-tune elements of the campaign, as necessary. You’ll track changing priorities for the business, and identify and act on any impact on the campaign.

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