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Prove is an official Marketo Launchpoint Partner

This means that we have been vetted and approved as an agency provider of Marketo services. With a former member of Marketo's training and services team on staff, who helped develop their training and certification materials, we can help ensure that your Marketo implementation is highly customized to your business goals, asking strategic questions and working with you to gain close alignment between the sales and marketing teams, and provide both foundational and deep dive training, along with ongoing support, optimization, and program enhancements as the tool is operationalized within the business.

To support the implementation of Marketo and its integration with and other eCRM platforms, we'll work with you to

  • Understand current processes and practices
  • Determine data architecture and requirements
  • Update any current CRM customizations that may be in place

Once we have a thorough picture of these aspects, we would assist with the Marketo-to-CRM technical integration process as needed; if you have an existing IT team with CRM admin and development capabilities, then we work with the team to ensure that the integration is clean from a technical standpoint, supporting data hygiene and governance best practices.

From there, we help the marketing team develop marketing programs under Marketo, taking advantage of as many of the tool's features as would be required by the business, and helping strategize program enhancements as the client's level of sophistication with Marketo programs grows.

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Rebekkah is a Marketo Certified Expert with experience both in hands-on operation of various CMS, eCRM and Marketing Automation tools and in building an operational implementation strategy for businesses looking to get the most out of their chosen automation solutions. If you're interested to know how our marketing automation solutions can help your businesses achieve success, let's talk!

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