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Using Marketing Automation To Achieve Mass Personalization

When Quality Is Sacrificed For Convenience

Before the Industrial Revolution brought about mass production, most of our everyday items were created in what we would consider custom fashion now. Take for example your shoes: 150 years ago, your local cobbler kept a wooden model of the soles of your feet (called a “last”) that he would use to form shoes that would fit you. If the conformation of your foot changed (as often happens as years go by), he would create new lasts.

He could greet you by name and he knew your family. You know the details of each other’s lives. The shoes he made were more expensive by comparison than shoes now (unless you wear designer shoes from Italy!), but they fit, and they were made to last -- pun intended.

Along came the Industrial Revolution, and mechanized mass production became a reality. Cost went down, and with it quality and personal care. Mr. Shoemaker was replaced by an assembly line, lasts were generalized, and any given shoe may or may not fit your foot.

Quality was sacrificed at the altar of convenience and low price.

Marketing automation helps bring some of that personal care back, using the same information that Mr. Shoemaker understood about you through years of personal contact, but collecting and using it via sophisticated automation tools.

Marketing automation and demand generation tools collect data about your potential customers, their attributes and behaviors, and help you provide content that’s relevant to those prospects.


We Call It Mass Personalization

It’s far more than just email; it’s a suite of tools and methods that allow you to create content and campaigns targeted to the specific needs of your audience. Through a combination of single-purpose landing pages, targeted emails and automated responses, targeted “listening”, social media and mobile engagement, marketing automation helps you collect and leverage data about your potential customers. It sounds very Big Brother-ish, but in fact helps you remain relevant in the eyes and minds of the people you most want to reach. So instead of “spamming” people who aren’t and never will be interested in your product or service, you can instead engage with the people most likely to engage with you.

Prove works with you to define your ideal customer profile, create natural segmentations among the target audience, and build content designed to appeal to the highest quality leads; Prove then works with you to define the best ways to present dynamic messaging solutions that apply to those target audiences, across multiple channels, with eyes always on key touch point optimization.

Far beyond just data analytics (though that’s a necessary piece), a good marketing automation and demand generation strategy takes many factors into account and helps you predict customer behavior, which in turn gets you in front of your prospects proactively, offering solutions before they are even aware they need them. Building a good demand generation and marketing automation strategy supports ongoing alignment between marketing and sales teams, collaborating to craft the most effective approaches to building brand awareness driving to sales, building customer delight and brand loyalty.

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Rebekkah is a Marketo Certified Expert with experience both in hands-on operation of various CMS, eCRM and Marketing Automation tools and in building an operational implementation strategy for businesses looking to get the most out of their chosen automation solutions. If you're interested to know how our marketing automation solutions can help your businesses achieve success, let's talk!

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