Closed-loop offers the instantaneous answer to “Are my ads working?”

Using closed-loop media solutions across devices, in addition to precise audience targeting technology, Prove is able to outline customer segments to include those who regularly visit specific locations.



Closed-loop offers the instantaneous answer to “Are my ads working?” Measure the impact of mobile ads on driving foot traffic into your locations by connecting where your customers go with what they buy, by measuring against a control group to determine lift via GPS-proof of people showing up at a physical location that was advertised.

What does this mean for brands and marketers?

  • Get immediate visibility into the behavior of users who see your ad but don’t click
  • Identify brick & mortar competitors frequented by customers
  • Understand your customers’ and prospects’ offline shopping behavior
  • Develop offline and online partnerships with your customers' and prospects' favorite brands
  • Reduce the reliance on coupon redemptions to track marketing effectiveness
  • Estimate the true cost of shifting market share by acquiring customers you would not likely have had, differentiating between brand and acquisition support, and allowing for data-driven media budgeting decisions

Your mobile campaign reaches your target audience, but your target audience will likely visit your location anyway. Closed-loop lets you know that your campaign drove an actual increase in store visits.



How is closed-loop marketing planned and executed?

  • Primarily associated with advertising to mobile device users and enabled by GPS technology
  • Establish Location Conversion Index (LCI) by identifying several groups:
  • General population
  • Audience matched group (where target audience is established by demo, behavior, etc.)
  • Audience exposed to your ad
  • People who clicked an ad
  • People exposed to specific pages of your website

Digital ad impressions shown and mobile website behavior will be correlated via location tracking to real world locations and purchase data.

To prove ad effectiveness, we compare results of people exposed to your content, people who interacted with it, and people who were not exposed. Because location data is available regardless of whether the user was exposed to an ad, you can clearly see the behavior of the Control group and the behavior of those exposed to the ad.

Closed-loop ensures that a customer’s media experience will be progressive across multiple devices, channels, and environments, and throughout multiple funnel stages. 



Showing consistent creative to people who regularly visit means that you reach the most relevant audience and barely have to change behavior!



Varying media formats between mobile and desktop devices will allow us to explain the product benefits to those who were previously at the pump, reach them when they’re at home, and remind them to purchase when they’re near the pump again.



“Closed loop display ads” can now be used to prove that people exposed to ads subsequently visit related locations, I.e. Gas Stations (use the image with the satellite)



Prove assembled a display media campaign to promote new menu items and convince audiences to visit their local Border Grill restaurant.


Campaign Goals

  • Promote new menu items & drive people to store
  • Create awareness & drive consideration for restaurant chain

Audience Segments

  • Parents within 10 miles of a location
  • Custom audience of mobile users who recently visited this restaurant or its competitors

Solution: Precision-Targeted Display Ads

  • We utilized rich media mobile ad unit to provide captivating user experience; creating awareness & engagement
  • Mobile audience targeting combined with proximity


Results:  28% lift in foot traffic to the selected restaurants

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