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Every business wants more customers. Whether you are a startup or a fortune 100 Company, you can’t ignore the need to grow a loyal customer base.

So how do you get leads, convert them to customers and keep those customers? The Prove Optimization Center of Excellence reviews your acquisition and retention strategies and customer journey data with an eye towards optimization.

We look at the following:

  • Ads & Email Copy 
    Is your copy effectively driving the proper prospect demographic or are you wasting money on leads that won’t convert?
  • Ads & Email Images 
    Do the images evoke a sense of brand confidence or product confidence? Does the image match the demographic? Does the image match the messaging?
  • Message Matching 
    Does the message on your ad or email match the message on your landing page? For example if you are advertising Blue Shoes, your landing page better have text describing the blue shoes and an image to match. If you don’t you give the prospect an insecure feeling that they may be part of a scam.
  • Landing Page Copy 
    Landing page copy should match the advertising message and be clear and concise with a very clear call to action (CTA). Landing pages should not be built like a website with lots of links to other places, we call that a “leaky” landing page.
  • Landing Page Images 
    Landing page images should speak to your target audience and demographic and match the advertising messaging. It’s not ok to create an ad that is specific in its product push and then land a person on a landing page that forces them to read through copy and look at images to determine what they want to do next.
  • Landing Page Calls to Action (CTAs) 
    What do you want the lead to do? Fill out a form? Click a buy now button? Share? A Call to Action (CTA) must be very clear to the prospect so there is no doubt in their mind what to do next.
  • Bounce Rate 
    This metric is important to look at to know what percent of the prospects that visit your page leave it quickly. A bounce rate above 75% is generally considered bad.
  • Time-On-Page 
    Time on page is an easy way to gauge whether or not your content, message matching, images and Call to Action (CTA) is compelling enough to engage the reader/prospect.
  • How many pages –and which pages– were visited? 
    For general websites, or microsites, that have multiple pages, we look at the number of pages visited as an indicator of content consumption by the prospect. If many pages are viewed, then we can make hypothesis about the prospect behavior by looking at the pages visited and the content on them to give us some valuable information.
  • First-Time Visitor Habits & Content Consumption 
    As described above, watching how a prospect moves around content on your site will give us a good indicator of how effective your content is to drive a conversion. Depending on the vertical, more content consumption is the norm, especially in the case where there is a new idea/product being introduced or the product is complicated and the prospect needs to educate themselves before making a decision on a purchase. First time users have different habits than return users.
  • Returning Visitor Habits and Content Consumption 
    Return users oftentimes have gone through a self education cycle by Googling keywords and consuming content on many other websites, including your competitors to help them move to the next stage of the buying funnel. We look at the return visitors habits and look for patterns and seek to adjusts the content and CTA’s accordingly to drive the desired CTA.
  • Cohort Analysis 
    Cohort analysis helps you understand the behavior of component groups of users apart from your user population as a whole. We look at individual cohorts to gauge response to short-term marketing efforts such as single day email campaigns. We organize users into groups based on shared characteristics like Acquisition Date and then examine the behavior of those groups.

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