Display Retargeting: Keep Your Brand Name In Front Of Yet-To-Convert Audiences

Ad retargeting allows brands to stay in front of audiences who have already expressed interest in a product or service–it’s the key to success when running media. Our multi-channel dynamic remarketing solutions increase qualified return traffic to your websites, and accelerate a customer’s consideration and purchase cycle.

When a site visitor completes different actions, such a page visit or content request, we progressively profile them and move them towards our Goal. That same visitor will see various ads across different channels and devices, allowing us multiple opportunities for engagement that will turn these interested prospects into qualified users, and eventually into leads and customers.

Sample Scenarios: Retargeting In Action

We employ strategies that allow us to shift the message, such as more aggressive Calls To Action or softer Asks, while testing offers such as discounts or a free download as incentives to complete the lead form.

Take a look at this sample dynamic remarketing experience for lead generation:

  • User searches for “home prices in my area,” and clicks our paid search ad that links to your website with information on real estate values
  • The same user enters a street address into your locator, but leaves the site before entering an email address
  • We serve banner ads to that user with messaging that they’re “just one step away from finding out how much their home is worth”
  • When they click this ad and return to the site, we already have their address stored and present them with a partial result showing some information, with the promise that more valuable information will be unlocked when they share their email address (which enables us to further contact them through highly effective email lead nurturing programs)

In the case of eCommerce and Shopping, interested users who have not purchased a product will then see banners and social ads depicting the products they looked at, as well as products in related categories. Those who did purchase will be shown similar / related products, as determined algorithmically based on existing ecommerce data.

Take a look at this sample dynamic remarketing experience for ecommerce and shopping:

  • User searches for “shoes” and clicks our paid search ad that links to your online shoe store
  • The same user clicks through a few pages before finally looking at a pair of red shoes for longer than any other pair they looked at previously, but leaves the site before making a purchase
  • We serve banner ads to that user depicting red shoes while they’re visiting another website–they may or may not click this banner
  • If the banner does not result in a return visit, that same user will see a Facebook ad depicting the exact same red shoes that they looked at, and also including a coupon code for X% savings on their next order

What do consumers think about Display Ad Retargeting?

Research indicates that audiences who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website, and many consumers attest that display ads are a convenient way remember products they’re interested in.

CPG company Kimberly-Clark reports conversion rates that are 50 to 60% higher among audiences who have been retargeted.

Boost Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Prove’s media solutions are in line with our trademark Acqretention™ approach to digital marketing. We help businesses create and deploy marketing campaigns that draw traffic and generate conversions, and then help retain your customers through relationship-building techniques driven by content and customer care. The goal is to help you score multiple transactions from each existing customer, to maximize the value derived from your marketing efforts. If you’re interested in a more efficient media strategy with higher returns, let’s talk.

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