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Our paid search media strategy maximizes the value of interactions with qualified customers and accelerates the conversion into a lead and/or purchase. We target a refined set of search keywords, which help define user intent at different stages of the education and buying cycles. We keep this differentiated intent at the top of mind to deliver targeted messaging and customized user experiences to influence desired behavior. All campaigns are designed to maximize ROI and meet growth goals.

We use all of the major search ad networks in our campaigns: Google AdWords, BingAds and Yahoo! Ads. This covers the bulk of all search-related ad space and allows us to find your customers at the time when they indicate the highest intent for needing a solution: actively searching the internet.

How do we do this? Here’s our methodology:

  1. Find In-Market Audiences: we create a list of relevant long-tail keywords to capitalize on audiences who are already interested and in-market. Our Prove approach uses paid search channesl to quickly find the audiences who are most likely to be interested in your product or service already and become customers. For completely new products and categories, we employ strategies that will educate audiences that are searching terms that can be solved by your company.
  2. Research & Understand the Competition: we find out who your competitors are–which search terms are they bidding on, how much money are they spending, and what message they convey to audiences. We use competitive research to capitalize on successful methodologies while avoiding pitfalls and costly mistakes that your competitors have made in the past (or are still currently making).
  3. Focus on ROI: we focus on return on investment with financial models to match projected media spend with sales data, allowing us to anticipate the return on advertising spend. Based on historical analysis of your site, our wide experience across many verticals and proprietary research tools allows us to develop accurate and reasonable modeling to predict future impact of adding Paid Search to your advertising budget.
  4. Monthly Optimization: as campaigns start to run, we receive even more actionable data that we use to make sure that media dollars are spent as efficiently as possible. We are always looking at the performance of our Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords and have no hesitations to stopping those that are below expectation. This approach allows us to remove or change the elements that don't work and focus on those that do.
  5. Ongoing Campaigns Expansion: in addition to increasing budget toward successful campaigns, we continually research the market landscape to find new areas of search where customers are looking for solutions. This means staying on top of new search keywords and slang, new competitors, and new search networks in order to stay in front of your best potential customers. It also includes the proper use of negative keywords, or the omission of search terms that may seem related to your business or product but show little to no customer intent-to-purchase.

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