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What Is Competitor Keyword Research?

Competitive keyword research aims to discover what keywords your closest, direct competitors are targeting, how many are on the top result pages, their search volume, traffic shares and their search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

What We Look For

  • Are there high search volume search terms that your competitors are targeting, that are relevant to your industry, and that you are overlooking?
  • Are there keywords that are bringing in a large volume of traffic to your competitors that you should target more extensively?
  • How competitive is the market for your targeted keywords? Should you revise your keyword strategy?

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competitor’s target keywords is a large part of our competitive analysis, but keywords aren’t the only ranking factors that search engines take into consideration. A more comprehensive competitive analysis is needed to fully analyze your competitor’s SEO efforts, including:

  • Back link profile and strategy – Back links are links to your website from third party site. Back links carry different levels of “link juice” depending on the credibility and authority of the domains giving the link. 

    What type of websites are your competitors targeting when acquiring backlinks?
  • Social Media Strength – Social media strength is a sign of credibility to search engines and gives you a chance to connect with your target audience. If people are following, engaging and commenting on your different social media channels it tells search engines that your brand and content is relevant and credible, therefore your social media presence is considered a branding signal and a ranking signal. 

    What social media channels are your competitors utilizing and how strong is their fan base?
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – Although pay per click is paid advertising, it still drives traffic to your website and contributes to the overall site performance, thereby influencing your organic search performance rankings. 

    How much are your competitors spending on their paid search efforts? And what words are they targeting in their campaign, as well as their paid search volume?

How is Competitive Analysis Beneficial to your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your competitive research and analysis is like a compass to guide and inform your digital marketing efforts. The findings will give you directions in terms of:

  • What keywords to target on your website
  • What type of content should be featured on your website
  • What types of back links should be pursued
  • How strong your web presence is in comparison to your competitors
  • What type of keyword targeting strategy should you use to acquire market share

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