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How Does Quality Content Improve Organic Search?

Creating content for your website is good practice. It allows you to influence user action while helping your site gain better visibility online. However, creating content alone doesn’t yield maximum business traction. You can write the best articles or create amazing graphics but if you’re not properly promoting your assets, you are limiting the results you can generate from them.

Enter content marketing. Tracing its roots from the early 1900s, this process abandons traditional sales pitches and makes use of compelling content to effectively influence buyer action. In simple terms, it’s the art of creating attractive content that your audience gravitates to, then finding the best channels to maximize reach and consumption.


Content marketing offers several benefits that will grow your bottom line. These include:

  • More Traffic – Having more content reaching more people draws in more visitors who can potentially become customers. Content marketing is a great synergy to social media marketing because it involves the creation of shareable assets that can be passed around on social networks and bookmarking sites. Content marketing also helps your SEO by increasing your site’s relevance to target keywords and attracting inbound links from other sites.
  • Enhanced Branding – More exposure on a consistent basis through content marketing allows your brand to establish recall and trust in the minds of your audience. This helps them recognize your brand and trains them to gravitate more towards your messaging.
  • Boosts SEO – Content marketing helps your search visibility through several important facets. First, it facilitates the creation of content that helps search engines understand your site’s affinity to the keywords your target audience searches for. Second, it allows your site to naturally attract inbound links that enhance your site’s authority. Lastly, content marketing allows you to better engage visitors, resulting in lower bounce rates and higher average times on site – all of which are believed to be valuable new ranking signals for search engines.
  • Increases Your Conversion Rate – As your audience is exposed to your content, you become more than an author to them – you start to become a trusted expert. As your perceived authority and relationship grows, your ability to pitch successful offers becomes more potent.
  • Encourages Retention – Content marketing gives far beyond transactional engagements with customers. Because it builds trust and revolves around the sustained delivery of rewarding content, your audience is more likely to make repeated purchases that will power your business for years and years.

How does Prove handle content marketing?

Most businesses that run successful content marketing strategies do it with intricate activities divided into three distinct groups.

  • Content Development – This is the phase where the ideation, creation, and publication happen. The process involves:
    • Content brainstorming
    • Editorial calendar development
    • Content creation
    • Content optimization
    • Content publication
  • Content Promotion – The phase where your content’s reach is extended beyond just the pages of your own website. By using search engines, social media, advertising channels and collaborations with other webmasters, content can go beyond your pages and channel qualified traffic back to your domain.
    • SEO
    • Pay-per-click (PPC advertising)
    • Press release syndication
    • Social media marketing
    • Email distribution
    • Social bookmarking
    • Guest blogging
    • Collaboration
    • Video and SlideShare deck publication
    • Webinars
  • Measurement and Improvement – The third phase measures the overall effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. Using web analytics, SEO diagnostic and social media monitoring tools, Prove will track statistics relevant to the campaign and crunch the numbers to see where the campaign succeeded and where it needs improvement.
    • Web analytics reporting
    • Social metric reporting
    • SEO metric reporting

At Prove, we tailor-fit our content marketing strategies with the business identities of our clients. Driven by our Acqretention approach, we focus on producing results above all else. Our goal is to quickly deploy a content marketing program for your business, enabling you to generate leads and retain customers who will provide years of revenue. Contact us today and learn how you can leverage the power of content marketing to truly stand out in your industry.

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