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Keyword Strategy and Prioritization

The old drill of researching high-search volume keywords related to your business and optimizing the heck out of them is obsolete. In the age of semantic search, high placement in the SERPs is largely a function of having the right content to match the intent that every search term implicitly carries.

Different keyword intents are associated with different stages of the customer journey. A person searching for “how to choose the right TV” is in the early awareness phase of the sales funnel while a person who types in “buy cheap LED TV online” is in the later phases. Both may eventually become customers for an electronics ecommerce site, but both have to be met by distinct content types that satisfy their intents.

At Prove, we are well aware of how search works today. That’s why we have a process called Keyword Strategy and Prioritization that we use for both paid and organic search marketing campaigns. By choosing the right target keywords and determining their places in the sales funnel, we are able to prioritize optimization efforts for the best ROI yield. Our job is to increase your search visibility for commercially valuable keywords, then drive traffic to those pages where the audience’s intent is met by tailor-fitted content that will move them farther along the conversion process.


The Benefits of Keyword Strategy and Prioritization

Keyword Strategy and Prioritization offers several distinct benefits including:

  • More Targeted Content – Anticipating searcher intent means getting a better feel of the type of content will satisfy his or her intentions. This allows you to design, create and modify the pages that you use to compete for target keywords on search with greater precision.
  • Search Ranking Boosts – Having content that perfectly aligns with user intent gives you a better chance to gain prominent placement in search results. Studies have shown that Google tends to favor listings leading to pages that are semantically relevant to a search phrase’s implied end goal. Coupled with sound on-page SEO and authority signals, targeted content helps you gain sustainable rankings that keep pushing organic  traffic to your domain for years.
  • Higher Audience Engagement – Keyword-content alignment results in much better engagement from users. Bounce rates, average times on site and social shares are among the metrics that directly benefit from a strong keyword strategy.
  • Better ROI – As rankings and engagement pick up, so does the rate in which you generate conversions and revenue. This helps you attain significantly higher returns on investment, allowing you to grow your online business at much faster pace.

The Prove Approach to Keyword Strategy

Prove’s keyword strategy and prioritization process is composed of several steps that allow us to find keywords that deserve the most marketing focus. These include:

  • Keyword Brainstorming – This is the “human” part of the process where we sit down with you and other industry experts in your team. The goal is to use your experience to get clues about what words your audience might use in each stage of their conversion journey. We list down the insights and use them to generate even more keyword ideas to determine the best possible search term permutations.
  • Keyword List Expansion – Using a variety of keyword research tools, we are able to expand the initial keyword list exponentially. We then analyze the accompanying search volume data to see which ones have the best balance of user intent, audience demand and stiffness of competition.
  • Keyword Intent Identification – After generating the expanded list and narrowing it down to the most promising keywords, we group the search terms according to customer conversion stages. The goal is to ensure that each stage is represented so your pages can be found regardless which one a searcher is in when he enters a query.
  • Editorial Strategy Updates – The final phase is coordinating with the content team to make sure that content creation follows the overall keyword strategy. Whether your content is generated in-house or through Prove, we will ensure that it plays an integral role in pushing your search rankings higher and helps you generate ever-increasing amounts of business online.

Prove’s Keyword Strategy and Prioritization process is guided by our trademark Acqretention methodology. We not only help you attract new business – we help you keep it so your enterprise can enjoy the full benefits of extended customer lifetime values.

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