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A good link development strategy is essential to any successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Modern search engines view inbound links as votes of confidence. The larger the quantity and the higher the quality of the links that point to your site’s pages, the more potent your site becomes in ranking for its target keywords.

However, not all links are built equal. The best kind of inbound links come from trusted, contextually relevant sites that grant links for editorial and referential reasons. Conversely, links from spammy and unrelated sites can do more harm than good to your rankings on search engines. In cases where large volumes of unnatural and spammy links are built by a site in an obvious attempt to fool search engines, penalties may be levied to keep a website from gaining prominent search visibility.

Here at Prove, we specialize in the conception and deployment of strategies that help you earn natural backlinks and citations from the right kind of websites. Our team of link building experts will help you develop a strong but natural backlink profile that will power your pages to the top of search results for keywords that represent your business.


Using Link Acquisition to Improve Domain Authority

Receiving inbound links from authority websites in your industry offers several key benefits including:

  • Stronger SEO Performance – Quality links act like pipes that facilitate the flow of ranking power from website to website. The better your site is at attracting and earning links, the higher the rankings its pages can achieve.
  • More Referral Visits – Links aren’t just good for SEO. The best links pass along click-through traffic that introduces a linking site’s audience to yours via editorially granted citations and referencing.
  • Thought Leadership Gains – As people get more exposed to your content cited with links, your status as a subject matter expert in the industry grows. Positioning yourself as a thought leader offers several key gains such as easier conversion rates, more searches for your brand name and smoother transitions for your customers within your conversion funnel.
  • Brand Equity Boosts – Higher search visibility and a status as a thought leader ultimately translates into the broader recognition of your brand name. This is essential to building public trust and renown – both of which make the process of selling practically anything that much easier.


Prove's Approach to Link Acquisition

  • Content Inventory – The process of accounting for all existing content assets within a site which can be used as valuable link destinations from external sources. We will also identify gaps in your content library which need to be filled for better link acquisition progress moving forward.
  • Linkable Asset Development – When content library gaps are found, we will work with you to develop linkable pages. These same pages will be positioned strategically within your information architecture so they not only receive link equity but also pass it internally to your other pages.
  • Link Partner Prospecting – We sift through thousands of websites to see which ones are most relevant to your niche. We then evaluate them according to traffic and authority metrics so we can see which ones will drive the best SEO and click-through value.
  • Link Partner Outreach – After narrowing down the link prospect list, we reach out to the most qualified ones. Using email, calls or even face-to-face dialogue, we do our best to earn placement or to broker arrangements where we can receive editorial citations.
  • Reporting – At the end of each engagement month we report on how many sites were prospected, contacted and successfully earned links from. We also report on the campaign’s impact on rankings and its effects on metrics such as domain authority, organic traffic and referral visits.

If you're in need of professional, ethical and scalable link acquisition services, contact Prove today!

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