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Negative Reviews and Bad Press Can Damage Your Brand's Online Reputation

Ever tried Googling your own brand name? You may be shocked to see negative listings that are harming your reputation. Some of these bad listings may be legitimate complaints, but we found through experience that a lot of bad listings are also authored by competitors, extortionists and former employees who bear grudges.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) can address these problems and fight bad press that ultimately put a dent on your revenue stream. ORM is the process of removing, overtaking and resolving negative pages that talk about your company, its products or its personnel. Using a variety of proven techniques, we will help you clean up your name so you can easily earn the trust of your potential customers.


What are the benefits of online reputation management?

  • A more reputable brand name – A clean, personable and professional brand image is always good for your business. Insulating your target customers from unfounded negative claims can help you preserve the overall health and profitability of your enterprise.
  • More conversions – A reputable brand is easier to trust. In the world of business, trust is everything. You can bring people to your webpages through marketing but if the trust is not there, it will be a challenge to monetize your traffic. ORM helps you convert at a much more efficient rate than you would if negative publicity consistently plagues your business.
  • Fewer awkward questions – Prospects who are shortlisting your business as their vendor of choice will do their due diligence before closing a deal. A simple Google search of your name could short-circuit a potentially lucrative engagement. If your prospect is really interested in you, they will at least ask you about the negative results. Avoid these awkward situations by taking a “pre-emptive strike” at negative search results using ORM.
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction – Sometimes, a customer’s opinion of a product or service can be influenced by the power of suggestion. A person may read a negative item about your brand, purchase from you, and then subconsciously look out for the bad things he or she remembers from the illicit post. Prevent this psychological phenomenon by reducing the chances of people seeing negative press in the first place with ORM.
  • Identify weak links in your business – There will always be legitimate complaints about any business. When negative press stems from this, amicable resolutions are the way to go. This not only cleans your name up – it also allows you to see which parts of your operations need to be improved to avoid complaints moving forward.


How Prove Handles Negative Listings

Prove uses a combination of SEO, social media, content marketing and human engagement tactics to keep negative listings from tarnishing our clients’ names. The common methods we use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Social media and Web 2.0 brand name claiming
  • Social media profile optimization
  • Social bookmarking
  • SEO on your domains and subdomains
  • Press release syndication
  • Guest blogging
  • Negative page removal
  • Complaint resolution

Prove’s online reputation management services are in line with our trademark Acqretention approach to digital marketing. We help big and small businesses deploy marketing campaigns quickly to draw traffic and generate conversions. We then help you retain your customers through relationship-building techniques driven by content and customer care. The goal is to help you score multiple transactions from each existing customer to maximize the value derived from your marketing efforts. Contact us today to learn more.

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