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Contrary to what most digital marketing agencies may tell you, search rankings and organic traffic growth are not the ultimate measures of SEO success. Online visibility and traffic spikes are nice, but if they don’t bring in new customers that grow your online business, the whole campaign becomes an exercise in futility.

Prove understands that clients aren't just seeking our help for better search rankings. What they really want is a partner in developing new revenue channels that pay dividends over time. That’s why we’ve taken a financial approach to quantifying SEO success. "What returns does SEO offer your business?" is the question we ultimately strive to answer.

We call it SEO ROI Forecasting and Financial Projection.

Through advanced web analytics and Excel computing skills, we are able to attribute income emanating from organic search traffic gains. We then compare the income to your SEO expenditures and let you know through hard numbers whether you’re making money or not. This same data can then be used to forecast income in succeeding months so you can make smarter business decisions backed by reliable information.



SEO ROI Forecasting and Financial Projection is an invaluable part of measuring SEO performance. Consider the following advantages that it delivers:

  • Transparency on SEO’s Business Impact: ROI-based analytics go much deeper than simple traffic and behavior statistics. This methodology reveals which aspects of your campaign yield the most returns and which ones aren’t as successful.
  • Insights on Key Investment Areas: The time-tested business wisdom of investing more on what works and cutting bait on what doesn’t applies to SEO. With financial analytics, you can tell with more confidence when you should try harder or when you should go back to the drawing boards and figure out a new plan of attack.
  • A Glimpse of Your Business Future: Knowing what’s in your business horizon allows you to persevere long enough to reap the rewards of your SEO efforts. It can also tell you if you should re-set your course to avert losses. Ultimately, SEO ROI Forecasting and Financial Projection helps add a new level of intelligence to your online business strategy.
  • Smarter Business Decisions: By understanding where the revenue is coming from and knowing which factors affect it, you can optimize your operations by minimizing risks and increasing efficiency. Financial analytics helps you tone down the guesswork by giving you pure, objective data that provides clues which lead you to the best course of action.



Guided by Prove’s trademark Acqretention methodology, we determine ROI and provide you projections using a multi-step process that closes the loop between your traffic stats and your bottom line:

  • Baseline Setting: Before we get started with SEO work, we gauge where you currently stand. This provides context as to the amount of progress being made on the traffic, ranking, conversion and ROI ends of your website.
  • Conversion Tracking: Tracking how many times users perform actions that fulfill your business goals is essential in determining the revenue that your online business generates. We’ll set this up for you in collaboration with your web development team.
  • Conversion Value Setting: Conversion numbers are only meaningful when there are monetary values assigned to them. We can help you determine how much each lead and sale are worth on average so we can tie that knowledge to conversion tracking. This allows you to see revenue reports right on your analytics dashboard on demand.
  • Attribution Modeling: Knowing which traffic acquisition channels drive the most conversions is paramount to determining which ones are the biggest reasons for your success. In this step, we’ll separate organic search conversions from the rest of the field so you can see how much business value search engine optimization yields from month to month.
  • ROI Calculation: After distinguishing SEO revenue from the rest of your income, we’ll apply textbook business mathematics to determine ROI and see whether your optimization campaign is profitable or not.
  • Forecasting and Projection: After establishing a significant sample size of SEO ROI data, we will have the ability to make statistically sound forecasts and predictions to help you see what kind of business SEO can bring in the coming months and years.

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Meet Joy Go. She's been the Director of SEO at Prove for more than 2 years and has increased organic search traffic and onsite content for many of our clients.

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