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User Experience Is Critical To Website Value

Your site’s usability and information architecture directly influence your overall business performance online. People on the Internet are impatient and unforgiving – one flaw in the user experience (UX) you offer can spell the difference between converting a visitor and sending him away, never to return.

At Prove, we take the subjects of user experience and information architecture (IA) very seriously. Before we help clients market their site to a larger audience, we first recommend getting the site ready for primetime with a UX/IA review.

Prove’s UX/IA review is the methodical analysis and measurement of a website’s state of usability against universally accepted best practices. The output is a detailed report accompanied by a set of recommendations to address each potential usability issue. The overall goal is to provide the most users possible with meaningful sessions on the site that eventually lead to them heeding calls to action that yield conversions.

A comprehensive UX/IA review offers several distinct benefits that directly affect online business performance. 

  • More conversions – Smooth user experiences that allow visitors to find what they’re looking for will yield more leads and sales. Good UX reviews will minimize funnel drop-offs by eliminating redundancies while getting rid of elements that distract from the focus of the desired user flow.
  • Lower customer support costs – Good IX allows users to help themselves while within your domain’s environment. This means they’re less likely to call, email or chat you up. This allows you to stick to a lean customer support team that resolves legitimate customer requests – not the unnecessary ones that stem from bad UX.
  • Better search engine indexing – Good usability and information architecture also helps search engines find, crawl and index the pages that you want to show in their listings. The more accessible your site is, the better the chances of your pages being discovered and ranking higher for keywords related to your offerings.
  • Higher social sharing – Good UX that incorporates eye-pleasing aesthetics, intuitive navigation and proper social media share button placement can encourage people to share your content on social media. The better their experiences of your pages, the more likely they’ll habitually let people in their circles know about your site.
  • Encourages repeat visits – Positive user experiences give people the reasons they need to keep visiting your site. This boosts overall engagement signals and conversions, while helping you deny competitors business opportunities.
  • Redesign cost avoidance – Without UX and IA reviews, site owners can go through several redesigns before they find a setup that boosts their business. UX and IA reviews reduce the guesswork, allowing you to save on redesign and re-development expenses.

Prove's Comprehensive UX and IA Review

Prove’s UX/IA review process takes an in-depth look at every key aspect that drives user action within your domain. 

  • Feature and functionality alignment with user intent
  • Ease of access to most used features and most popular content
  • Content alignment with user intent
  • Content alignment with target demographic knowledge level
  • Call to action positioning
  • Call to action clarity
  • Homepage effectiveness
  • Intuitiveness and order of navigation menu
  • Overall layout effectiveness
  • Text readability
  • Mobile-readiness
  • Site security and data integrity
  • Page availability
  • Search function effectiveness
  • Link clarity and descriptiveness
  • Image positioning and quality
  • Accommodation of all browser types
  • Page load speeds
  • Form usability
  • Intrusiveness of ads and lightboxes
  • User ability to undo erroneous actions
  • Help and support section availability and easy to find


Prove’s UX/IA review process is guided by our Acqretention approach to digital marketing. We focus on the creation of producing great results by drawing traffic to your pages and making sure it’s nurtured. This helps you convert easily and increases the chances of having customers transact repeatedly. Call us today and learn more how we can take your site’s usability and information architecture to the next level.

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