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Is Your Website Optimized For Search?

A comprehensive website audit is an in-depth review of your site’s current state of effectiveness. The technical makeup, design, content assets and marketing strategy should all come together to deliver engaging experiences that result in desirable actions from your user base.

Using a methodical approach, Prove analyzes every facet of how your site works. At the end of the process, you receive a detailed report that highlights the strengths and limitations of your current website. Also included is a set of actionable recommendations on how to capitalize on opportunities while minimizing risks. We then also act as consultants who will take you by the hand as you optimize your website for best results.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Better usability – The site audit determines whether you should consider enhancing, simplifying or smoothening your site’s interface. We’ll help you figure out what changes need to be made to give your users the most meaningful sessions possible.
  • Increased availability – Your site needs to be available to receive visitors as much as it possibly can. Our experts will help you determine the best technical configuration so your pages stay up and running to do business.
  • Better search visibility – Using diagnostic tools and methods for search engine optimization, we’ll help you discover what you can do to improve search visibility. Ranking high for keywords related to your business allows you to draw large volumes of targeted, easy-to-convert visitors from any geographic location.
  • More engaging content – Producing content online is good. Knowing which content assets resonate with your audience and focusing on those is even better. Prove’s analytics team will help you pull and crunch web traffic data to generate actionable insights that encourage traffic growth.
  • Stronger branding – Your site’s branding and promotional strategies matter just as much as what’s in it. Our marketing experts will take a close look at how your site is presented to its audience and what you can do to build a brand that people trust and recognize.
  • More conversions – Ultimately, everything you do for your website happens in the name of generating more leads and sales. In the site audit, we’ll perform a conversion rate optimization analysis to show you what you can do to compel users into heeding calls to action that produce business traction.

Our comprehensive website audit and strategy process is guided by Prove’s Acqretention approach. All the efforts are geared towards generating conversions through mass personalization, then retaining those acquisitions to extract maximum business value. It all begins with making sure every facet of your online presence works together towards driving better business. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help accelerate your growth.

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Joy Go

Meet Joy Go. She's been the Director of SEO at Prove for more than 2 years and has increased organic search traffic and onsite content for many of our clients.

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