Search Engine Optimization

YouTube Is The World's 3rd Largest Search Engine

More than 1 billion people search for content on YouTube every month. The YouTube marketing platform is an engaging vehicle for connecting businesses with it’s target audiences.

Why Execute Video SEO / Video Marketing

  • Videos Rank in SERPs – One comScore study of retail sites shows that “visitors who view video stay two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.”
  • Videos Make People Click – An aimClear study shows that search results with video have a “41% higher click-through rate than plain text.” This happens primarily because of rich-video snippets beside search results.
  • Videos Make Your Pages Sticky – The average online attention span is less than eight seconds. A high bounce rate – people leaving your domain after viewing a single page – will hurt your site’s SERP ranking, not to mention people leaving isn’t the best way to sell a product, brand or service. Video is the easiest way to make people stay.
  • Videos Build Links “Having a video compared to just text will almost triple the average number of linking domains.”  Why? People are the ones creating links to your content – not bots – and people like video.


How Does YouTube Optimization work?

Part of YouTube optimization is SEO and the other part is more related to social media marketing and audience development.  The SEO portion works a lot like on-site optimization of websites in that you want all the meta-data to be optimized for your target keywords. 

Titles – Highlight the punch line in the title and include your target keywords.

Which title would you rather click on?

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry Customer Testimonials    
  2. How Cosmetic Dentistry Gave Me The Confidence to Date Again


Descriptions – Include the proper keyword density in your description with links to your social media platforms.

  • Meta Tags – Include high search volume words related to your video.
  • Thumbnails – Use enticing “click-bait” thumbnails with text.
  • Captions – Search engines can’t watch videos, therefore in addition to the meta data they use captions to understand the content of the video and how to properly rank it in search results.


YouTube Audience Development and Social Media Marketing

Have you wondered why so many YouTube videos encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel? This is because these channels are trying to grow their audience base and they know that YouTube is going to put their video content in front of their subscribers or target market first.  A large subscriber base is a sign of credibility to YouTube and results in higher search engine rankings. To better understand your audience-base and develop engaging content for your target market, here are some things to consider:

  • Channel page – Think of your channel page like your Facebook profile. It’s the first thing your viewers see when they arrive at your channel and the hub of where all your content lives. Feature trailers, playlists and great content to engage visitors.
  • Content – The average attention span on YouTube is 8 seconds, therefore, your content has to be deeply relevant to your audience and it’s purpose or punch line potential has to be clearly evident within the first 5 seconds. People need to know what the benefits are to watching your video and why they should stay until the end. Possible questions your viewers have in the first 5 seconds of watching may include:
    • Is something funny going to happen?
    • Is there something for free?
    • Will I learn a new skill?
    • Do I care about this subject matter?

      These questions are relevant because by answering them in videos you bring value to the viewer, whether it’s learning to develop a new skill, to be informed or simply to be entertained.
  • Annotations – If a viewer finishes watching one of your videos, chances are they most likely enjoyed it. Showing them trailers for additional videos in your channel related to the initial video can contribute more views to your channel.
  • Analytics – Nothing speaks more clearly than statistics. Understanding analytics is essential to understanding audience behavior. Statistics can answer questions like:
    • What is my average audience retention rate?
    • What should be the optimal length of my videos?
    • Which annotations and links are most effectively placed in my video?
    • When is the best time to publish my content for the highest reach?


YouTube is a very powerful marketing platform in that the visual medium allows for businesses to connect with their target audience in more effective ways than just offering plain text on a website.

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